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Available staffing solutions

Effectively managing human resources is critical to an organization’s success. To be the best, you need to employ the best. It is increasingly important to have a recruitment and selection strategy that focuses on attracting, developing and retaining a high quality, skilled workforce—Flexible Staffing can put it all in place for you and find the quality employees you demand!

Flexible Staffing will help ensure that your recruitment and selection efforts are in line with your organization’s current and future human resources needs. We are well respected in the recruitment market with a reputation for quality and dedicated service that is recognized by professionals and companies alike.

We help save you time & money!

Pre-Employment Services

Employee Search

Flexible Staffing saves you the time of searching for employees. With our extensive recruiter network and more than 50 years combined staffing experience, Flexible Staffing tailors advertising for each position. Depending on the position, a variety of outlets are used to advertise openings including postings on our website, social media pages, and traditional advertisements in printed publications as well as a number of highly trafficked job boards.

Our Process

Each potential employee who applies for a Flexible Staffing position is interviewed and screened for specific skill sets as indicated by the employer. We offer more than 800 pre-employment assessments that help gauge a potential employee’s skill level. Additionally, we work with our clients to develop detailed job orientations to ensure employees know the clients’ expectations upfront.


HR Services

Flexible Staffing provides 100 percent of HR services to our employees, which are a valued savings to our clients. The HR services Flexible Staffing provides are:

  • Workers compensation
  • Weekly payroll
  • Taxes
  • ACA compliant
  • Unemployment
  • Benefits to employees depending on position
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