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Real reviews from real people

Thank you for being there

“I was new to the area and Flexible Staffing had me working the first week I moved to Missouri.  Thank you for being there and helping me get a job!”

–Arlo James

Thank you

“Your company provided much needed transitional employment to me and my wife, Joni Lee, at a very trying time in our lives.  Thank you!”

–Haines Eason

This agency is the tops

“Flexible Staffing has been a wonderful experience.  The office staff is welcoming and has placed me in many jobs.  I am always paid correctly and in a timely manner.  This agency is the tops over others I belonged to.”

–Andrea Ledoux

They are dedicated

“I am extremely pleased to have met Toni, Sondra and Chris at Flexible Staffing.  They were dedicated in helping me locate and secure a good job.  They will truly never know how grateful I am for their hard work and professionalism in their job!”

–Heidi Wheeler

Helped me change my life

“Flexible Staffing has really helped me change my life.  I moved to Warrensburg without a job.  I walked into Flexible Staffing and left with a good paying job.  I am now working for the union thanks to them.  I am a single mom of four kids.  Without Flexible Staffing, I don’t know where we would be.  Thanks Flexible!”

–Michelle Baker

People like them make a difference

“I have always lived in Georgia so when my husband and I got orders to move to another state I was a bit overwhelmed when it came to finding a job in a new area.  Flexible Staffing Company was very helpful with any questions I had with getting started in finding a job.  The staff was very nice during the interview process and very knowledgeable about what companies are looking for in their employees. They found me a job within a month, as a temp,  and I  worked for a year and then the opportunity came to be hired full time with the company.   I have never worked with a temp agency before in my life to find a job. I would definitely recommend Flexible Staffing Company to help anyone who is seeking employment.  It’s people like them that make a difference in other’s lives.  Thanks so much to the staff of Flexible Staffing Company.”

–Christina Tils

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