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Why do you use Flexible Staffing?

The Flexible Staffing team has a positive, upbeat attitude and provides great support

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the support Flexible Staffing has provided over the past few months. The increase in the number of temps that we needed seemed to be an insurmountable task. Your entire team at the Warrensburg office pitched in and ensured we were successful in getting the staffing that our production department need.

Your staff always does everything that they can to meet our request and this is greatly appreciated. They always meet those request with a positive, upbeat attitude no matter how difficult I know the task may be.

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do.

Tami Green

Flexible Staffing provides a local benefit to both RTD and to the employees assigned to us

RTD has been using Flexible Staffing for several years now with great success. It not only makes good business sense but I like that Flexible Staffing provides a local benefit to both RTD and to the employees assigned to us. We like the arrangements of the ”temp to hire” option which allows us to try the employee in the position for a probationary period. RTD incurs no employment taxes or liabilities not to mention administration time and cost savings.

We can utilize the work force during peak times and not have to worry about lay-offs during slower times. This is important due to the volatility in the manufacturing work load during our current down turn. RTD has hired several Flexible Staffing employees on full time. I see it as a win-win situation for everyone.

Randy A. Grell

Flexible Staffing is fast and friendly

We use Flexible Staffing because we are very seasonal and they help us manage our people requirements during the busy time.  It is fast, friendly and we have great luck with the people that are provided to do a good job.  If for some reason they don’t work out, it is resolved quickly and they are replaced.

Linda Edwards
Human Resource Manager

Flexible Staffing shows an incredible commitment to the local area by the owner and staff

One of the biggest challenges in today’s business world is “right sizing” your labor pool.  This means not only having the correct headcount, but also having employees that fit your process.  We are a multi-national company with several manufacturing locations, a central Corporate Office, and an extremely flat organizational structure in areas such as Human Resources.   With limited local resources, it is very difficult to manage the complex hiring requirements of today, drug screens, background checks, preliminary interviews, etc.   Seasonality of our product line and a changing labor need make the job even more difficult.

Faced with an expansion, and a need to immediately increase our labor resources, we searched the area for staffing agencies that would fit our requirements.  The requirements were simple at that time:  immediate turnaround and placement, and pre-screening.  After several proposals by various staffing agencies, Flexible Staffing ended our search immediately by presenting a smorgasbord of options that we could pick and choose from, including various pre-screens, interviews, etc.  We simply stated what we needed, and from that point on, everything was taken care of.

The temp-to-hire format that we have works perfectly for us.  We know that the employee has been pre-screened, given a description of the job, and advised on particular requirements of the job before they even arrive.  After a short probationary period, those that meet our needs are hired full time.   If the employee doesn’t meet the requirements, or the need is no longer there, the temporary assignment is discontinued.

In my opinion, what separates Flexible Staffing from others is:

  • An incredible commitment to the local area by the owner and staff.  This is not a national agency.
  • A personal commitment, by all that I’ve met, for customer service.  We called on Wednesday needing 2 people to start on night shift on Friday.  A call from the Flexible office on Thursday morning confirmed that 2 would be here Friday night at 8:00 p.m.  It’s that simple.

I know that with the previous agency, we might have kept 10% of those that showed up.  I would guess that Flexible Staffing is approaching 85-90%, maybe higher.

Doug Smith
Plant Manager

Awesome job!

“I want to let you know that Sammie and Mary did an awesome job for us, were very courteous and a definite asset to our operation.”

Ed Peetoom
Production/Warehouse Manager

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